Enigma Intel Inc.

Enigma Intel Inc.

August 17, 2021

We the people must engage and let our voices of our representation be heard…

‼️ Votes next week on the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure & $3.5 Trillion Budget bills are the MOST dangerous & deceptive bills Democrats have yet to pass.

These bills will make AOC’s Green New Deal law and will DESTROY American independence and ENSLAVE us to China.

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We’ll be forced to drive Electric Vehicles by law and ALL vehicles sold in the US by 2030 will be EV only.

EV’s operate with battery engines.

China dominates the world’s Battery market at over 75%, and the US only has a fraction of the entire process ranging from 0-10%.

Americans will depend on China to drive their cars!

Batteries are made with rare earth minerals. China controls 80%+ of the all the Earth’s rare mineral mines.

Afghanistan has $1 Trillion+ in rare Earth minerals.

Now do you get it?

Call Congress at 202-225-3121 and tell them to vote NO!


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