Enigma Intel Inc.

Enigma Intel Inc.

January 28, 2022

Thomas Renz, attorney for the Frontline Doctors:

“Here’s your way out, politicians… for those of
you who have been Covid sellouts, here is your ‘out’, and I want you to hear me. I’m going to put this into as simple terms as possible.

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This data is coming out. We are going to make it go everywhere… I’ve given it to so many attorneys, you’re going to have a heck of a time shutting us up.

So, your options are you can come out and you can support the American people and you can start investigating and hopefully imprisoning these bureaucrats that have been murdering our soldiers and murdering American people, OR, you can show the American people that you stand on the side of death…

I saw today, I was outraged, Anthony Scumbag Garbage Murderer Fauci came out and said he wants to give this to kids under 4 in a three dose series. He wants to murder more children… He is a liar. He is a crook. He is Mengele on steroids. I can not think of a worse human being on this planet.”



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