Enigma Intel Inc.

Enigma Intel Inc.

October 20, 2022

I just received the attached photo, from a Michigan Voter, concerning the Headquarters of Konnech in Lansing, MI.

One simple, nondescript, building, with a CEO and the POWER to move Confidential ‘Election Related’ Data around the Globe at light speed.

As a reminder, Konnech recently made the National News when it was reported that the Konnech CEO was arrested for the illegal sharing of L.A. Poll Worker Information.

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It has been alleged that this Poll Worker Data actually ended up on some servers in China !

Although the Konnech CEO is not accused of sharing ‘Election Vote’ information, this could be an example to support WHY the use of ANY Electronic Voting Computers (aka Machines)


These Voting Computers must be replaced with Currency Grade, PAPER Ballots, that are counted IN PUBLIC, at the Precinct Level, by hand, and the Vote Tallies reported in a way

that is immune to Cyberspace Alteration / Manipulation.

That is, return to the way Votes had to be counted—for many decades—before any “Electronic’ Voting Computers existed.



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