Enigma Intel Inc.

Enigma Intel Inc.

February 25, 2022

Need a reason, a GOOD REASON to support Grassroots Candidate Kandiss Taylor for GA Governor in 2022??? Go read this article in the AJC:


The Jolt: AJC articles:…

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�Brian Kemp says no more election law changes this year.

  • 1. He’s leaving the Drop boxes,
  • 2. No required cameras to watch drop boxes,
  • 3. Leaving Dominion voting apparatus, and
  • 4. No signature verification on ballots.��THESE ARE MAIN THINGS THAT CAUSED CORRUPTION.��If you are still confused about why Biden has the power to have:��1. Open Boarders (drugs, criminals, disease),�2. High gas and grocery prices,�3. Critical Race theory (pitting races against each other), and�4. Indoctrination into socialism.��It’s because Gov. Kemp refused to call a special session to deal with the election corruption. People were so fed up they didn’t go back out and vote. That caused us to lose our 2 senate seats, which caused us to lose the majority in the US Senate. Now, we CANNOT STOP Biden. He can do exactly what he wants! Got it?
    You can lay all this directly at the feet of Brian Kemp. Stacey Abrams and her allies are laughing their heads off. This all goes back to the deal made between Stacey and Brad Raffensperger.��Gov. Kemp cannot beat Stacy Abrams! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.��Vote: Kandiss Taylor she is committed to Georgians First and full forensic audit. Putting constitutionality back into the election integrity process(no drop boxes or Dominion voting machines).
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    The Jolt: Brian Kemp says no more election law changes this year


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