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November 23, 2021

Fulton County: The 773K Ballot Question | Uncover DC

Kevin Moncla, Uncover DC, recently reported on the discovery of an eleventh-hour, massive Fulton County order of over one million absentee/ by mail ballots. By any stretch of the imagination, this was a suspiciously large order given that Fulton County had just over 500K votes (including both in-person and absentee) in the 2020 election, nearly 200K absentee ballots had already been mailed out when the order was placed, and emergency ballot orders in other GA counties covered just 10% of active registered voters. Furthermore, the Fulton County order did not include the required ballot-numbering stubs for record-keeping.

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Now Moncla has learned that Fulton County is destroying these “emergency” ballots. He writes:

“In addition to the obvious problem of destroying documents from the election— even if they are unused — there is an issue with the number they intend to destroy. The notice states there are only 284,901 emergency ballots remaining, but as our reporting showed, Fulton County ordered a total of 1,058,210 emergency ballots. In the notice, Fulton County claims the emergency ballots were ordered as a contingency plan and thus never needed.”

Gabriel Sterling confirmed:

“They got hit by COVID. They was concern they couldn’t do logic & accuracy testing of the equipment. As a plan C, they ordered enough emergency ballots in case they had to do handmarked at all polling locations. They didn’t. The ordered ballots were known & in view all@the time.”

Moncla continues, “We know Fulton County ordered 1,058,210 ‘emergency’ ballots. Fulton County and Gabriel Sterling affirm the reason that the ballots were ordered, and both claim they were never needed. They are now planning to destroy those ballots, but for some reason only have
284,901 to destroy. Which begs the question:

Where are the missing 773,309 ballots?

More to come soon.”

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